Tuesday, October 04, 2005

This is my first blog entry which seems like the best way to keep my website up to date with current news.

European Tour
I am just about to head off from Christchurch on a 5-week jaunt to Europe for concerts to celebrate the release of my new vinyl “Swimming in It”. This has been released by the wonderful folks at Kraak http://www.kraak.net/ and they have made this tour possible.

First up is a week long recording collaboration with Tetuzi Akiyama as part of project Brombron. We will work in the sound studio of Extrapool. http://www.extrapool.nl/start.html
We will also play 2 duo concerts together to show off the stuff we have developed one at Extrapool and the other at Worm in Rotterdam. http://www.wormweb.nl/

Tour Dates and Details
20 October at Worm Rotterdam http://www.wormweb.nl/
Martin Tétreault (CA) + Ivar Grydeland / Ingar Zach (NO) & Greg Malcom(N-Z)/Tetuzi Akyama(J)

21 October at Extrapool Nijmegen http://www.extrapool.nl/start.html
Instant Music ReSort Off met Donné Brok (NL), Eva van Deuren (B), Rutger Zuydervelt (NL) en Robert Deters (NL)Brombron ism Korm PlasticsGreg Malcolm (NZ) en Tetuzi Akiyama (JAP

23 October Densités Festival France

26 October Marseille

28 Oct : Pauze Festival, Belgium - Gent,
greg malcolm only w/ ellen fullman
29 Oct : Pauze Festival, Belgium - Gent,
ignatz only w/ animal collective

I will be performing on the following dates with KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT (b) and Ignatz.

2 Nov : Finland
3 Nov : Finland - Turku @ dynamo
6 Nov : Norway - Oslo @ dans for voksne 10 Nov : Sweden - Goteborg @ Haga Theatre (org: ideal)
11 Nov : Denmark - Aalborg @ 1000Fryd
12 Nov : Sweden - Malmo @ Ljudkullen (org: nosordo)
13 Nov : Netherlands - Amsterdam @ paradiso 16u
17 Nov : Netherlands - Utrecht @ theater kikker
18 Nov : Netherlands - Nijmegen @ extrapool