Thursday, July 20, 2006

Greg Malcolm news/concerts

I haven’t updated for a while but here’s a burst of news.
In a few days I head to Norway for a 3-week tour, which also includes dates in Sweden. I’ll post the itinerary below. I want to thank Per Gisle from apartment records for his help in organising this tour. Thanks also to Mattias Nilsson from for organizing the shows in Sweden

28/29: Safe as Milk festival haugesund
Wed 2: Bergen Klubb Pilota
Fri 4: Stavanger
Tue 8: Oslo, BLÅ:four solo guitar performances with Ivar Grydeland / Anders Hana /Ketil Gutvik
Fri 11/8 , Stockholm Ugglan with Voice of the Seven Woods
Sat12/8, Göteborg Kulturhuset Underjorden with Voice of the Seven Woods
Sun 13: Oslo, Sound of MU

I recently released Hung on Campbell Kneale's label Celebrate Psi Phenomenon . It’s a lovely wee CD and here are some links where you can read a review of Hung or buy it.

GREG MALCOLM - HUNG (CD by Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
Since with the last review of a Greg Malcolm solo record, you must be aware
that his solo concert at Extrapool in 2003 was one of my all time favorite
concerts and it's not necessary to repeat that again. 'Hung' is his latest
solo CD. Greg Malcolm plays three guitars at the same time, one with his
hands, and two with his feet. He added some extra strings to his hand held
guitar, contact microphones, but also springs and bells attached to the
guitar on the floor and thus becomes an one man orchestra. The pieces he
plays are improvised on the spot. Its not easy to describe the music of Greg
Malcolm, if you never heard it. Perhaps as always, it doesn't entirely
justify the music. Malcolm strum, plucks the guitar, and bangs out a simple
rhythm. Sometimes he add a small motor device or an e-bow to form more solid
backdrop, but that's not part of the normal routine. The results are always
spacious, free floating tones, that create an intimate atmosphere. Unlike
the previous release, the tracks are shorter here, each creating it's own
biotop and time seems to come to a virtual stand still. Solemnly, slowed
down, but never pathetic or doom loaded, this is just 'simple' played
beauty. Great CD. (FdW)

Brand new album on Campbell Kneale's imprint for one of the Southern
hemisphere's most radically beautiful six string stylists. All-live
recording - no over-dubs - featuring Malcolm on two modified guitars and
percussion played with his feet. Moves from beautiful almost-silent gamelan
sonorities that generate beautiful cylindrical tones through moments of
Mazzacane/Langille-styled midnight apocalypse, wildly skewed post-Bailey
percussive scrabble and those always-amazing post-Ostrich guitar stylings
that sounds like the sun slowly breaking over the roofs of the Lower East
Side sometime in late 65. Highly recommended.

Artist: Greg Malcolm
Album: Hung
Label: Celebrate/Psi/Phenomenon

New Zealander Greg Malcolm elopes with his guitars from the growing crowd of
Fahey milkers and embarks for gamelan temples and places further afield
(craning his neck beyond the clouds for a glimpse of Bailey's spirit?).
While the sullen bell-like chimes and scrawls that constitute a fair bit of
"Hung" recall Japanese string pluckers Taku Sugimoto and Tetuzi Akiyama,
"Glow" is gonna make you hug your nearest and pissed with a Richard Youngs
style lament. A definite heart stopper. That these hymnals are produced
through multiple guitar performances (one at his side, feet and lap, each
mutated by Malcolm's own hand) with no processing or effects is all the more
impressive. Like a diamond pool full of shimmer and glitter - absolutely and
hauntingly beautiful.- Spencer Grady

MALCOLM, GREG Hung (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon) cd 16.98
We raved about Malcolm's most recent lp not too long ago, Swimming In It, a
lovely disc of neo-Appalachian Fahey worship. More of that steel string
swoon and twang we love so much. But it seems like Malcolm realized that
maybe this whole modern Appalachia movement was getting a bit crowded,
especially for someone with Malcolm's experimental tendencies, so he took
his guitar, actually his guitars plural, and struck out on his own to make
the singularly strange and absolutely lovely Hung. Released on fellow New
Zealander Campbell Kneale's Celebrate Psi Phenomenon label, Hung is a series
of solo simultaneously played multiple guitar performances. Did you get
that? Multiple guitars, all played at once by the same player. No processing
or effects, just a bunch of guitars. Some contact mic-ed, some with extra
strings and springs and things, one at his side, one at his feet, one in his
lap. And wow is this strange and beautiful. From the opening track of
chiming twinkling melodies with the guitars somehow sounding just like
bells, to the percussive pluck of "Drops" with the guitar sounding like a
marimba, a spare and spacious slow motion meander, to the raga-like "The
Bells" with one guitar offering up a sitar like buzz, one acting as a sort
of scraping percussion, while the other shimmers and glistens. Other tracks
sound like clangy and clanky mechanical music, others like washed out indie
jangle and strum, while others are almost doomlike in their acoustic
dirginess. There's even a Steve Lacy cover, totally and wonderfully
transformed. Absolutely amazing, must be a wonder to see these pieces
performed live too...
In other news I have been busy with my first exhibition at the High st Gallery in Christchurch .
Malcontent...if your interested here is a link to a review at Artbash

Oh well signing out to get ready for my travels
See you

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

This is my first blog entry which seems like the best way to keep my website up to date with current news.

European Tour
I am just about to head off from Christchurch on a 5-week jaunt to Europe for concerts to celebrate the release of my new vinyl “Swimming in It”. This has been released by the wonderful folks at Kraak and they have made this tour possible.

First up is a week long recording collaboration with Tetuzi Akiyama as part of project Brombron. We will work in the sound studio of Extrapool.
We will also play 2 duo concerts together to show off the stuff we have developed one at Extrapool and the other at Worm in Rotterdam.

Tour Dates and Details
20 October at Worm Rotterdam
Martin Tétreault (CA) + Ivar Grydeland / Ingar Zach (NO) & Greg Malcom(N-Z)/Tetuzi Akyama(J)

21 October at Extrapool Nijmegen
Instant Music ReSort Off met Donné Brok (NL), Eva van Deuren (B), Rutger Zuydervelt (NL) en Robert Deters (NL)Brombron ism Korm PlasticsGreg Malcolm (NZ) en Tetuzi Akiyama (JAP

23 October Densités Festival France

26 October Marseille

28 Oct : Pauze Festival, Belgium - Gent,
greg malcolm only w/ ellen fullman
29 Oct : Pauze Festival, Belgium - Gent,
ignatz only w/ animal collective

I will be performing on the following dates with KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT (b) and Ignatz.

2 Nov : Finland
3 Nov : Finland - Turku @ dynamo
6 Nov : Norway - Oslo @ dans for voksne 10 Nov : Sweden - Goteborg @ Haga Theatre (org: ideal)
11 Nov : Denmark - Aalborg @ 1000Fryd
12 Nov : Sweden - Malmo @ Ljudkullen (org: nosordo)
13 Nov : Netherlands - Amsterdam @ paradiso 16u
17 Nov : Netherlands - Utrecht @ theater kikker
18 Nov : Netherlands - Nijmegen @ extrapool